Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Walsh, new Bangladesh bowling coach

Former West Indies fast bowler Courtney Walsh has agreed a three-year deal to become bowling coach of Bangladesh team. The West Indies Cricket Board announced it on Wednesday. Walsh completes his two years assignment as a selector for the West Indies last month. Now he will take his new position very soon and 53-year-old pacer said “I’m thrilled to be joining the Bangladesh Cricket ... Read More »

Dre Russ more hit hop than hip hop as Worcestershire flounder

Dre Russ more hit hop than hip hop as Worcestershire flounder

The back of Andrew Russell’s Nottinghamshire shirt announced him as Dre Rus, the Jamaican rapper, but it was in his cricketing, not his musical, guise that he made an impact that could transform Nottinghamshire’s season. What hip hop there was against Worcestershire came in the form of a limp because of a mild leg strain, but his destructive hitting remained ... Read More »

BCB to discuss two-tier Test cricket proposal

BCB to discuss two-tier Test cricket proposal

The BCB directors will meet on Sunday to shape Bangladesh’s stance on the proposal to divide Test cricket into two tiers, which is set to be discussed at the ICC’s annual conference in Edinburgh later this month. Bangladesh are ninth in the Test rankings, above only Zimbabwe, and will most likely be in the second tier if the system is ... Read More »

Comfort factor key to Bangladesh players’ helmet indifference

Comfort factor key to Bangladesh players' helmet indifference

The blow Suhrawadi Shuvo took on the neck during a Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League (DPL) game on Saturday has raised concerns about Bangladesh players’ attitude towards safety. The BCB had, last year, circulated the ICC’s latest memo on safety, but several of the country’s professional players have failed to upgrade to helmets with “stem guards” due to various reasons, ... Read More »

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